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North Shore Atlas is the culmination of a passionate vision held for many years: a practice dedicated to integrative care in the context of holistic health, extending beyond the normal “square box” of chiropractic… Summed up as ‘care with the whole body in mind’.

With continual emerging discoveries, scientific development in healthcare and technological innovations, we continue to forge new ways to deliver a higher quality of care through ever-improving techniques.


Outdoor Aerobics

We are dedicated to finding the root cause of your dis-ease and enhance your life so you can live every day to its fullest.

Dr. Mark Freund

Dr. Mark Freund has been helping patients improve their health for over twenty years. He is a licensed Chiropractor with practices serving the Northern Illinois suburbs of Chicago. Dr. Freund utilizes the “whole person approach” when working with his patients. This philosophy involves searching for underlying causes of disturbances or disruptions in the body and using interventions and lifestyle adjustments as treatment and prevention. Using this approach, Dr. Freund has been successful in helping his patients accelerate and maintain their journey to good health. He focuses on the symptoms causing the illness allowing him to treat the whole person.


I began working with Dr. Mark Freund several months ago regarding a case of debilitating TMJ. He uses an innovative technique on the skull, Cranial Suture Release, which has provided me with significant relief. Dr. Mark works in conjunction with Dr. Shapira of Delaney Dental for TMJ cases; together they are relentless in finding a solution for their patients. I have been particularly impressed that both doctors continually seek out further education and knowledge in their respective fields. I cannot recommend their work enough!

~ Carly P., Skokie, IL

Dr. Freund is outstanding. I went to him for help with daily migraines and haven't had one since my Atlas Orthogonal adjustment. He's one of the few doctors in the area trained to do this very precise adjustment of the atlas bone. Not only are my migraines gone, but so is my neck, shoulder, knee, and sciatic pain. That's not even the best part. All of my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis have quickly disappeared as well. It's amazing what happens when you reconnect your nervous system.

~ Nina K., IL

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