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North Shore Atlas is the culmination of a passionate vision held for many years: a practice dedicated to integrative care in the context of holistic health, extending beyond the normal “square box” of chiropractic… Summed up as ‘care with the whole body in mind’.

With continual emerging discoveries, scientific development in healthcare and technological innovations, we continue to forge new ways to deliver a higher quality of care through ever-improving techniques.

Most excitingly, North Shore Atlas is connecting the dots more than ever when it comes to linking structure and whole body health. The sciences of Chiropractic, physical therapeutics, sleep medicine, Dental, opthmologic, neurology together with functional medicine, genetics, epigenetics, and nutrition, are providing us holistic oriented practitioners with new insights into the root causes of disease. Therein lie sound solutions that impact optimal health and well-being for our patients.

Through special training in the sciences within our scope of practice and working with other like-minded health practitioners, I have fortunately been privy to the ways healthcare can go beyond mere symptom-based relief. We are grateful to have been able to ride on the shoulders of giants and their camaraderie in our individual professions, as many have been so incredibly generous and passed on their knowledge to us. This journey has deeply influenced the way we approach a patient and manage their goals and our vision for the future of care. Our approach will indeed continue to be molded as we excitingly peel away the layers in understanding the amazing workings of the human body.

With these discoveries, we believe it is absolutely necessary to take a holistic approach in healthcare, often working with other like-minded health practitioners, to unlock the full potential for improving our patients’ health. This makes us so proud to be part of a multidisciplinary team at North Shore Atlas where philosophies are aligned.

Our Mission

Our team includes our clients! We believe that good health is worth working for and we are commited to working alongside our clients to uncover the structural, nutritional, environmental, and emotional  causes of dis-ease. We seek to empower our clients with our cutting edge care, education, access to our network of medical and alternative professionals, and tools for health which will serve them long after they leave our office.

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