Atlas Orthogonal is a gentle, effective approach to renewed health and relief of discomfort without manipulation. The Atlas
is the top vertebrae of the spine that supports your head.

Relationship of the Head, Neck and Spine

If the spinal vertebrae are misaligned in such a way as to bring pressure and irritation to the nerves which travel through their openings... a condition exists which is referred to as “subluxation”.

Cervical Spine Stressed

The above illustration represents a misalignment (subluxation) and is typical of those commonly seen by Dr. Freund. In this example, the weight of the head has shifted and is no longer centered over the spine. The vertebrae are now forced to the side causing a serious structural misalignment.


The resulting distortion and stress of the spine may put pressure on the delicate nerves which pass through it causing pain, organ disfunction, loss of mobility and even the lowering of the body’s natural resistance to illness.

Cervical Spine Straight

Illustrated above is the proper alignment of the head on the vertebrae. The spinal vertebrae are correctly positioned in relationship to each other, and the path of the spinal nerves is clear and unobstructed permitting natural function and health.

Upper Cervical Care

Since many of the nerves which travel through the vertebrae of the cervical spine serve all of the body’s organs, it is obvious how any disruption of these vital impulses by subluxation, may result in serious illness, disability and even early death.

Subluxation of spinal vertebrae may reduce or even block vital nerve impulses from the brain to all parts of the body, including its organs.

Watch to see Jim McMahon's Miraculous Recovery using Atlas Treatments.

Visiting soldier from overseas thanks Dr. Freund for fixing his back and shoulder.

Dr. Mark Freund explains Atlas Orthogonal in further detail with Kellie Alderton of MS and Me Radio.

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