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Cranial Manipulation allows the root causes or contributing structural factors of symptoms such as TMJ, Multiple Sclerosis, Malocclusion, Migraine, Headache, Meinier's, MDDS, Vertigo, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Postural Distortions, Scoliosis and many others to be identified and eliminated if possible. The cranium can become stuck. Through subtle and very specific movements of cranial sutures in the skull, proper alignment of the jaw and relief of pain can be experienced.


Cranial sutures do not generally completely fuse as we age.

Cranial sutures maintain some degree of flexibility possibly due to their morphology and beveling.

Meningeal tissue has extracranial and endocranial (inner and outer) connections whose tension patterns might affect neural tissue, vascular structures, and Cerebrospinal fluid mixing.

Cranial Manipulation is the new, innovative approach to treating:
•  Cranial distortions
•  TMJ dysfunction
•  Forward head posture
•  Headaches
•  Pain in the face, jaw, neck and shoulders
•  Difficulty chewing
•  Facial swelling
•  Postural distortions and scoliosis

TMJ/TMD Cranial & Spinal Corrections

Your neck is vital and complex. It deserves a dedicated practitioner.

• Proper functioning of the upper neck is fundamental to human health.
• Balanced posture is a key component of optimal human health.

• Upper Cervical Subluxations hamper optimal brain-to-body communication.
• Proper brain-to-body communication optimizes the human being’s capability to self-heal.

• Many in our world are suffering needlessly without the knowledge of a potential solution.
• Collaboration with other structural providers is crucial to enhance the ability of an individual DC to make a significant impact on a patient’s health


Cranial manipulation has proven to help those who suffer with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD).

This condition causes pain in the muscles and joints that control movement of the jaw. Additionally the surrounding structures of the neck, upper back, shoulders, mid back and lower back into the pelvis, even down the legs to the knees and ankles may have symptoms. "People who suffer with severe TMJ disorders think surgery is their only option," says Dr. Freund. "However, Atlas Orthogonal combined with Cranial Manipulation and spinal adjustments are noninvasive techniques that have been proven to have a positive effect on this type of disorder."

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